Keep Your Mercedes-Benz Going

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Pouring new oil into the engine

Keep Your Mercedes-Benz Going

Oil is Important

As some of the most intricately designed luxury vehicles available on the market, all Mercedes-Benz models require a skilled and caring hand to maintain peak performance levels. Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle model represents an investment in personal transportation, and if you want to see that investment pay off, you’ve got to take the task of maintaining the vehicle very seriously.

And what does a smart investor do? Keep an eye on his or her investment, of course.

Read on to find out why taking advantage of the oil services offered by Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin can increase the life of your vehicle investment, and then schedule your service with Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin in Rocklin, CA today.

Maintain that Fine-Tuned Machine

Imagine what goes on under the hood of every motor vehicle, all the pistons, valves and engine parts moving at high speed as the driver goes from Point A to Point B. All those moving parts create heat, and proper oil lubrication becomes necessary to keep the engine from wearing down. And that goes double for a Mercedes-Benz; being a high-performance vehicle means putting a great deal of stress on the vehicle’s engine, and that means you can’t mess around when it comes to maintaining the key component of your vehicle.

Keeping Things Cool

Maintaining clean and sufficient amounts of oil in a Mercedes-Benz remains the first, last, and best solution to preventing damage to the vehicle. And the best way to do that? Check and change the vehicle’s oil at regular intervals. Oil does this by providing lubrication to the many moving parts under the vehicle’s hood, cutting back on the friction that generates heat.

Keeping Things Clean

When driving a Mercedes-Benz, the name of the vehicle maintenance game has to be “Keep It Clean.” Over time, a vehicle’s oil breaks down and turns into a tarlike sludge, while dirt trapped in the engine can start to corrode the engine’s interior. Neither sludge nor corrosive dirt mean good things for the engine, but both can be addressed by changing the vehicle’s oil and oil filters. Routine oil and filter changes can help remove the dirt particles and sludge, allowing the engine to continue operating in peak condition.

Finally, an oil change service with Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin promotes improved gas mileage and vehicle longevity. Want to go further for longer? Keep your vehicle lubricated and maintained properly through the expert services offered by our staff. If your engine isn’t maintained properly, then it’s working too hard. And if it’s working too hard, that means you’re working too hard.

Think of a dirty engine like a dirty fish tank; it may get the job done, but it won’t be pleasant for anyone near it.

Come On In. You’ve Got Options.

Mercedes-Benz of Rocklin offers two types of oil service, Service A and Service B, at their location. Want to find out more about the services? Check it out online and call us when you’re ready to make an appointment.

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